The charity school Visit

3/14/2023 8:58:08 AM

As part of the "Read, think for a better future"campaign tours. Visiting the charity school in Damanhour and organizing workshops that benefited A student and a student . In continuation of the activities of the "Read, think for a better future" campaign launched by the Public Library of Egypt in Damanhour with the aim of rooting the habit of reading in the hearts of children and young people and accessing various services and activities for school students in all centers and villages of the governorate. The Egyptian Public Library in Damanhour yesterday, Saturday March, as part of the "Read, think for a better future" campaign tours for the second semester of the current academic year, and in cooperation with the Directorate of Education, visited the charity school in Damanhour. Mr. Ahmed Al - Hawash, the director of the library, pointed out that he had benefited from the activities of the campaign 120 a student and a student from the primary stage in reality 4 workshops ( two astronomy workshops / where the sun was monitored and photographed this morning for its surface and the dark areas called sunspots, which are spots whose temperature is lower than the surface temperature of the sun-a drawing workshop-a workshop of Lantern works with foam).

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