astronomy helps all Egypt

3/12/2023 7:54:22 AM

Within the framework of the dissemination of astronomy and space sciences through the "astronomy helps all Egypt" initiative, which tours the governorates of Egypt, which aims to spread astronomy and space sciences, especially among children by displaying objects and establishing some scientific activities such as astronomical telescope observation at night of the moon and the planets of the solar system. Under the patronage of Dr. Nahal belbaa, deputy governor of Beheira, the Egyptian Public Library in Damanhour hosted yesterday evening the event number of the initiative in a workshop to explore the planet Venus by astronomical observation of the planet with a telescope, in which nearly a child and a girl participated in the library garden. Mr. Ahmed Al - Hawash, director of the library, pointed out that these workshops are being held in the library in Damanhour, as well as in the Kafr al-dawwar and dalangat branches, due to the turnout of children from the pioneers to participate in them .

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